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We can store your belongings safely & affordably

If you’re moving home or looking to free up some space at work then Crusader Removal’s secure storage in Perth is going to be the perfect solution for you.

Our custom-built warehouse in Welshpool is monitored 24/7 both inside and out and all inventory is tracked on a daily basis.

Our secure Perth storage solutions are so secure that we’re completely confident our customers can store anything on either a long-term or short-term basis. An integral focus on security means even sensitive work documents and valuables are for your eyes only.

Convenience Services

We go the extra mile to assist make your action easier and also worry-free with practical Perth solutions.

Storage Services

As a leader in the moving industry, Crusader provides top tier moving and storage solutions.

Moving Protection

Safe and secure – our protection strategies offer assessment and insurance coverage for your possessions throughthe entire move.

Moving Service Packages

As a leader in the relocating market, We provide leading relocating as well as storage space package options – saving you money!

Packing & Unpacking

Crusader Removals we can pack and unpack your home’s valuables and irreplaceables for you – saving you stress and time!

Automobile Transport

With Peth’s biggest company-operated fleet of auto transporters, Crusader Removals is the leading statewide & interstate moving company.

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Nothing but good things to say about these guys. Worked tirelessly throughout our move, it was all done in no time and with no stress. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

Pete Donnelly – Google Review

Storage Perth
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To help give our customers the most versatile storage in Perth, we offer all types of storage solutions on a range of terms.


Moving House

If you’re interested in long-term storage for household items that simply don’t fit in your home anymore, or you’re downsizing an office temporarily, then Crusader Removals’ Perth storage solutions are perfect for you. You can check in your possessions with us, or have us come and collect them and store them for you on a plan that suits you.


Leaving Perth for a While

If you’re moving out of Perth or even Western Australia for an unknown amount of time, we can store your belongings and business materials and furniture until you return. This is the perfect solutions for Perth businesses undergoing restructures or families and individuals moving interstate a few years who don’t want to take all of their home’s content with them.


Affordably Priced Perth Storage

We’ve made it a priority to ensure all of our long-term Perth storage services are seamless, affordable and perfect for reducing the number of items you have sitting around the home or office that you don’t want to discard. We have plenty of space for larger items too and ensure security for your small valuables and sensitive documents.



Sometimes when our customers are moving homes or to a new office space, their new location doesn’t have the space to accommodate all of their belongings. This makes Crusader Removals’ Perth storage services the perfect moving companion.


We Do It All

The entire moving storage process is seamless. All you’ll need to do is let us know when you’re moving, how many items you need to have stored and for how long. We take care of the rest. It’s an experience you’d expect from us – affordable, flexible and friendly.


Space for Bigger Items

If you require storage space for home and office furniture in Perth at a low price while you wait for the keys to your new space, then we can help with this too. We have plenty of large-scale storage spaces to store just about anything of any size. Get in touch with us and we’ll get you into a space as soon as possible.




The full-service Crusader Removals storage solutions give our customers the chance to hand everything off to us.

If you’d prefer that we pack all of your belongings for long or short-term storage at your residence and transport them to our Perth storage facility in Welshpool we’re able to do this and much more.


  • Our team will package, load and transport any items to our Perth storage facility for either long or short-term storage.
  • We’ll safely wrap fragile items and ensure these are transported and unpacked carefully.
  • If you’re unsure of the number of storage units you’ll need, our team will assess all of your items and give you a storage price for our Perth units.
  • We deal will all storage scheduling so your items are only stored in our Perth storage facility for as they need to be.
  • Our storage solutions aren’t tied to complex, timed contracts so you’re free to store for a single month, or 12. Whatever suits you.


We know full-service storage prices in Perth aren’t always the most affordable, so we’ve designed our storage solutions to operate extremely efficiently. This allows Crusader Removals to offer our Perth storage services at such an affordable price.



At Crusader Removals, security never takes a backseat. All storage services are undertaken by our team and our facility is secured, monitored and locked day and night.

Our custom-built Perth storage facility has been designed specifically to allow 24/7 CCTV monitoring and to give our team access to comprehensive inventory and reporting systems that track item movements in and out of the facility.


Weathertight Storage

We work hard to give you peace of mind knowing your belongings are secure no matter how long they’re with us. We also ensure protection from the weather, animals and insects so any documents, fabrics or electronics will be damage free when you come to collect them or when we return them.




Our goal is to always ensure Crusader Removals’ customers have a fantastic moving and storage experience. If you’re dealing with clutter, moving homes or relocating to a new office and need affordable, long or short-term storage in Perth, simply reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions


1.How much is a cheap storage unit?

Smaller storage units can cost $50-$100 monthly.


2.How much is a storage unit per month?

The amount you pay each month is dependent on size but can cost anywhere up to $400 per month.


3.How much does a 10×10 storage unit cost?

It can cost around $100 per month.


4. How much can a 10×10 storage unit hold?

A 10 foot by 10 foot storage unit is ideal for storing contents of a family room or 2 bedrooms.


5.What size storage unit do I need for 2 bedroom house?

A 10 ft by 15 ft by 10 ft (Length by Width by Height) storage container is suitably sized for a 2-3 bedroom house.

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