Crusader Specialises in helping Perth Businesses Relocate Offices

Every business in Perth deserves seamless, stress-free office removals.

At Crusader Removals, we make it our number one priority to provide a secure, fast office removal that gets businesses relocated as soon as possible.

We boast over 15 years of experience getting our client’s belongings safely from one office to another – as quickly as possible.

Customer satisfaction is vitally important to us and so we provide a whole suite of services.

Our office removal team can pack, unpack and store any of your items and even assist in setting up your new office.

Convenient Removal Services

We go the extra mile to assist make your action easier and also worry-free with practical Perth solutions.

Storage Services

As a leader in the moving industry, Crusader provides top tier moving and storage solutions.

Protection Packages

Safe and secure – our protection strategies offer assessment and insurance coverage is offered as an option for your possessions through the entire move.

Pack and Unpack

At Crusader Removals,  we can pack and unpack your home’s valuables and irreplaceables for you – saving you stress and time!

Automobile Transport

With Peth’s biggest company-operated fleet of auto transporters, Crusader Removals is the leading statewide & interstate moving company.



As your local office movers in Perth, our promise to you is an effortless office move that progresses on time and ensures all of your office equipment arrives at your new office space on time and in one piece.


Decades of Experience

Working in the moving industry for almost two decades means we’re more than capable of seamlessly moving your business to a new office. We assist with packaging, storage, the removal and refurnishing of rooms and even installation of IT equipment.


Transfer to Storage Facilities

If your new office isn’t ready on time, the Crusader Removals’ team will transfer all of your office furniture, supplies, and equipment to our long or short-term storage. Saving you money on another office removal business in Perth double-handling all of your belongings.


Business-grade Planning

Clients moving a lot of equipment should reach out to Crusader Removals right away. We assist with the planning and logistical phases of our office removals in Perth so we can quickly get your entire office packed up and transferred.


**Need advice with your office move? Check out our top 5 tips for making moving office a breeze.


Our comprehensive office relocation services in Perth include:

  • Providing moving supplies like boxes and crates for valuable items
  • Working in sync with your business schedule, including your IT company and other services
  • Comprehensive logistical services to keep the move running smoothly
  • Moving your office’s large items to secured storage, or directly to a new building
  • Guaranteed long and short-term storage provided by Crusader Removals
  • Disconnecting computer equipment and secure storage of sensitive data
  • 24/7 availability to ensure no downtime or lost business


 At Crusader Removals we’re proud to provide our corporate and small business customers with comprehensive office removals in Perth. We move just about everything you can imagine at the highest standard.


Why we’re number one:

  • More than a decade helping Perth businesses relocate to new offices means we’re the capable, experienced team to get the job done.
  • Our teams provide on-site packaging solutions as well as entirely custom packing solutions to ensure whatever you’re moving is kept safe.
  • Our proprietary secure long-term storage solutions are the perfect options for holding equipment before you move back into a new office.
  • All office removals are closely monitored down to the movement of items to ensure no matter what we’re moving, we know whose it is and where it’s going.




Businesses looking to move  offices from Perth to other states and vice versa will be pleased to know we’re still the team for you.

Notify our Perth office removal team as early as possible for interstate office removals and regardless of your office’s size, our full-service office removal team in Perth and large vehicle fleet will make moving your business interstate entirely effortless.




We understand that one of your biggest concerns when moving offices is likely getting your new one furnished and up and running as soon as possible.

This is exactly why we offer our customers efficient office removals in Perth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we work on your time.


We Move It All

If you sell clothing, IT equipment, furniture or just about anything else, our movers in Perth are ready to get it all boxed up and moved right away.

Even if your equipment or merchandise is heavy, it’s no match for our experienced office removalists.


Even the Big Things

We move hundreds of items for our customers during office removals in Perth, that’s why the Crusader Removals vehicle fleet is massive.

We’ll have your office removal complete within your deadline no matter how tight or how many items you have.


And Set It Back Up

Once all of your business’s items are moved you’ll likely want to get set up as soon as possible.

We help out with this too.

Our removalists help our Perth customers with reconnecting devices and refurnishing offices.