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Office Removals


Crusader Removals are your office relocation experts. Whether you are moving one office to a different location in the same building, or an entire buildings worth of possessions to a new location, we have the equipment, the man power and the experience to handle your office move. We have successfully carried out many office removals of a wide range of sizes over the years and are up to any challenge. No office move is too big or too small for Crusader Removals!

We understand that businesses generally need to keep their doors open and business carrying on as usual even whilst the office move is in progress. Our professional team of office removalists are experienced in the art of packing efficiently and unobtrusively in order to create a minimal level of disruption to your business day.

In the event that it is not possible to pack and carry out your office removal whilst business goes on as normal, we have a large team and fleet of removal trucks at our disposal allowing us to move your office in a short time frame, out of hours.

Crusader Removals is aware that office removals often involves the transportation of important business documents which you cannot afford to lose or have damaged. This is why we use special waterproof containers to safely transport your important files and documents. Furthermore, we understand that sometimes these files contain private information. Rest assured that your documents and files will be treated with the utmost respect and discretion. We value you privacy, just as you do and will never disclose anything unintentionally heard or observed during your office move.

Here at Crusader Removals, we offer both short and long term storage solutions to our customers. We understand that sometimes it can take time to arrange your new office premises and that storing large containers of documents around an office is impractical while you are settling in and finding space for everything. Particularly if you are an office that serves customers at your premises. Unsightly boxes lining your walls is not a professional look for a business! This is why we offer our customers secure short term storage in our safe and secure facility. We can store those tubs and boxes that aren’t needed immediately in order to give you the time and space to get settled into your new office premises and to find the right place to store those excess documents. Rest assured that our storage facility is not accessible by the public and your important documents and belonging will be stored safely and securely.

Allow Crusader Removals to make your next office move a minimally disruptive breeze. Call us today on 0451 136 742 and speak to one of our professional team members. We will organise a time to sit down with you or to speak over the phone in order to work out a detailed office move plan with you. We like to gather as much information as possible regarding your move in order to ensure that we can move your office and belongings as quickly and as easily as possible.