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Storage Options



Crusader Removals offers both short and long term storage solutions for our customers. We know that sometimes a house or office move is not as simple as moving furniture, belongings and documents from one place to another. There are many other factors that can come into play, which mean that it is simply not possible to move everything into the new place, at the one time. This is why Crusader Removals has purpose built storage facilties that are both safe and secure in order to help make our customer’s move as hassle free as possible.

Have you purchased a new house but can’t take possession and move your family in until after the date you need to vacate your current home? Fear not, Crusader Removals can take the stress out of the situation by moving your furniture and boxes into our secure short term storage facility until such time as you are able to take possession of and move into your new home. This makes the ‘limbo’ time of being in between houses much easier for you. We know that finding accommodation during that time is simple enough, it is the storage of all your belongings in the interim that is more difficult!


Office moves also frequently require the use of our short term storage facilities. Our facilities are secured facilities that are designed to temporarily store your office documents and furniture in a location that is safe from damage and secured from outsiders, so as to maintain the privacy of potentially sensitive business documents. Often, businesses which move office premises need to move quickly in order to avoid disruption to the day to day operations of their company. This means that the essential furniture and documents are moved straight into their new location, ready to be used immediately.

The tubs of documents that aren’t required for immediate use or which will be stored long term on the business premises often require a bit more time in order to be sorted and stored in their new permanent location. In the case of businesses which serve customers and clients in their office, it is not practical for these tubs of documents to be laying around in walkways and filling offices untidily in the meantime. Storing these boxed and tubs which are not essential immediately, gives a business time and the space to get the new office up and running and looking professional, whilst sorting out a longer term storage solution on the premises.

Do you need to move overseas for work or are you embarking on a long trip, maybe even fulfilling that Australian dream of doing ‘the lap’ of the country in a caravan or motorhome and are selling your home or renting out your property in your absence? If so, Crusader Removals can carefully store your furniture and precious belongings in our secure long term storage facilities until you return.

Call us today on 0451 136742 and speak to one of our friendly staff members about our available short and long term storage options.