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Interstate Removals


Do you have expensive designer furniture or antiques that you are concerned about moving interstate? Rest assured that Crusader Removals prides itself on having a low insurance claims rate due to the care taken by our staff and attention to detail when wrapping and packing items to be moved. We understand that your belongings are precious to you, regardless of the cost of the items and we treat all our removals jobs with the utmost care and diligence. Delicate items will be bubble wrapped and carefully stored on the truck. Items of furniture will be wrapped as needed and tied down or strapped into the truck so as to ensure it doesn’t move around during transport and arrives damage free. Please note that there are some quarantine restrictions which apply when moving interstate.

These will vary depending on the state you are moving to or which the truck must pass through in order to reach your destination. Please contact our office to speak to one of our friendly staff members further about which quarantine regulations might affect your interstate move. Generally, restrictions apply to the movement across borders of fruit and vegetables, animals and animal products, plants and plant products, items containing or covered in soil, agricultural machinery and some recreational equipment. Further information can also be found on each relevant state’s quarantine website.

When planning your next interstate move, call Crusader Removals on 0451 136 742 and book a removals company that you can trust, above all else, to transport your precious possessions safely and reliably, every time.

Orchestrating an interstate move can seem like a daunting task and to be fair, if you are packing up your entire house full of possessions and attempting to move across the country yourself, it probably will be a daunting and frustrating experience! This is why we recommend using a removals company which is experienced in interstate moves and has the knowledge and manpower available to make your next interstate move seamless and hassle free.

Crusader Removals has helped hundreds of Perth families move interstate over our 10 years in the removals industry. Because of this, we have the knowledge and experience required to carry out a successful interstate move. While some removal companies shy away from Coast to coast moves due to the amount of logistics and distance involved, Crusader Removals rise to the challenge. We have a large enough fleet of removal trucks to enable our company to carry on with local moves, while our truck which is allocated to you, is moving your life and possessions across the country. This eases the pressure on our removalists and allows for a stress-free move.

We also understand that the key to a seamless interstate move is good organisation. Here at Crusader Removals, we have fine-tuned our careful packing and moving procedures over the last 10 years to the point where our removals process now works like a well-oiled machine. Sloppy packing and haphazard removal practices are a recipe for disaster in an interstate move, where things left behind cannot be easily retrieved. This is just one of many reasons why you should never entrust such an important job to a removals company which does not place emphasis on good organisation.